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Our pricing is clear and straightforward. Labs and medications will be sold at discounted prices, and are transparent and known before purchasing. Our customers are often surprised by how much they save. CTs and MRIs are deeply discounted at an independent facility and are usually cheaper than your insurance.


Newborns to 110yrs                                   $75/mo

Couples ($65 each)                                    $130/mo

Enrollment Fee                                            $75

Re-Enrollment fee                                      $150

Homebound Patients                                  $225/mo

1st Visit = Enrollment fee + Monthly fee= $150 

703 Thimble Shoals Blvd.

Suite B-4

Newport News, Va 23606

Limit 600 Patients

Office: 757-586-3050

Fax: 757-586-3051


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